Designed to be a private and peaceful setting conducive to relaxation, reflection and creativity. The retreat center building has a large central meeting space with a13' high wall of glass with sliding doors that open to the lush jungle, bird songs, and the rhythm of the ocean.

This space is ideal for a conference, classroom, religious service, informal meetings, or just lounging. It can also accommodate open-spaced uses like yoga or dance. The integrated sound and video system is designed to bring multimedia presentations alive. High-speed internet and wifi runs throughout the property. Off the main space is a large lanai (deck) where most guests seem to gather after a day of exploring.

Six smaller rooms can be used for breakout rooms, classrooms, or overnight stays. The deck, lawn, and fire pit are great for outdoor gatherings. Built with a concern for the environment, the centerʻs water comes from a rainwater catchment system. Three small stair landing is the only concrete slabs at the center. All driveways, parking and under buildings are permeable surfaces in an effort to keep rainwater runoff from going into the ocean.

The facility is wheelchair friendly with a ramp and large accessible doorways, hallways, and restrooms. We have an eleven-car parking lot with over-flow parking for twenty. Each group has exclusive use of the center and it’s grounds for their stay. The facility can be set up to meet your needs, whether your party numbers five up to twenty-five.


The Windward Retreat Center is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit. No money goes to salaries or staff. All contributions go to the overhead and maintenance of the center.

We ask individuals and groups using the center to make a suggested per day contribution. This contribution amount reflects what is needed to meet our obligations to the bank, utilities, insurance, maintenance etc. There is also a cleaning fee of $185. per stay that goes to a cleaning company and laundry service.

While Windward Retreat Center is a registered public charity with the IRS the suggested contribution rates are not tax-deductible as you received the benefit of use of the center. However, any contributions made above those amounts would be a charitable contribution and we will provide you with a letter for your taxes and our gratitude for helping us make the center viable.

We have yet to break even, but we are hopeful that as the center matures we will be able to meet our obligations and lower our suggested contributions to reflect our costs.

Non-profit groups in Hawaii doing positive work in our community: please contact our director to discuss use of the center.